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    Game Cancellation Information

St. Jane de Chantal CYO  

Game Cancellation Information


(Fall-Spring Soccer/Basketball/Baseball/Softball/Track)

In general, for all Archdiocesan CYO sports, the Archdiocesan CYO will make a decision on inclement weather cancellations/postponements no later than two (2) hours prior to the first scheduled game of the day (e.g., if Saturday games are scheduled to begin at 9:00 a.m., then announcement will be posted around 7:00 a.m.; if Sunday games begin at noon, decision will be posted by 10:00 a.m.)

For inclement weather announcements, go to, and look in the site's initial pop-up window. (If you have your browser set to block pop-ups, you might not be able to access the information without adjusting the pop-up filter.)

PLEASE NOTE:  Just because inclement weather is in progress where you are or has been forecast as likely, absent a CYO cancellation notice covering your scheduled game, do not assume your game has been cancelled/postponed.  This is particularly so if inclement weather is localized and/or occurs/is forecast to begin after the first game of the day is scheduled to start.  Decisions regarding such games generally are made on the field/court by the officials involved and a team that fails to have enough players present to start a game may be subject to a forfeit.


St. Jane CYO Sports/Clinics

(Spring Track Mini-Meets/Kindergarten Soccer/Grades 1-2 Basketball/Grades 1-2 T-Ball)

Because every effort will be made to conduct these activities, cancellation decisions are likely to be made at the meet/clinic site at the time the activity is scheduled to begin.  Nonetheless, coaches/clinic organizers may maintain e-mail lists or send in school PA announcements to notify participants of late-breaking cancellation decisions.  Please ask the coach/clinic organizer at the start of the season about the notification method to be used for inclement weather cancellations.   

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